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Why did we launch Certificare ?

2 facts on the used car market

Odometer Fraud

40% of used car have a tampered odometer in Europe

Fighting against odometer fraud is priority number 1 for Certificare

*source FIA 2014

Total Loss vehicles

Every year in France 1,8 million vehicle are declared as a total loss. Meanwhile only 40% are not recycled by approved channel

Certificare dentifies vehicles that no longer meet normal safety conditions.

** source ADEME 2014

Identified Needs

Create a unique database of the major stages of the life cycle of a vehicle from circulation to destruction    

Gather this information into a securised report and a data platform.

Our solution

Certificare is a B to B to C product. We mix datas from different sources and restore them securely.  

In its vehicle traceability mission, Certificare  has positive impacts on road safety and environment.

In a context where 65% of second-hand vehicle transactions are C to C, Certificare develops a powerful tool dedicated to retail and dealer in order to optimize their used car business.

Vigilant to the evolving legal contexts, Certificare ensures compliance with the laws on the protection of personal data (CNIL & GDPR).

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 is currently under testing and will be ready early 2018.

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