Olivier Lamirault

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Lamirault - Schumacher Group

When Certificare was just a project, we presented it to Olivier Lamirault.

Passionate about cars in general (and Alpine in particular ;-)) it is within the framework of its activities at Renault Sport Cars that Bruno met Olivier. As a former President of the CNPA's VP branch, it was important for us to understand how to involve professional organizations in our development strategy.

Thanks to Olivier for his support!

Jean-Roch PIAT

CEO BCA Europe

Jean-Roch is BCA EU’s CEO, European leader in B to B auctions.

His leitmotiv : fight for a clean and loyal market place.

It was therefore obvious for Jean-Roch to bring his experience and his vision for the development of Certificare.

We thank Jean-Roch and his teams for their support.

Ronan Picard

Former CEO Cobredia Group - Private Investor

Ronan has from early 2018 been a fervent supporter of Certificare.

Former leader of the Cobredia Brittany Distribution Group, Ronan also identified the lack of traceability and the numerous frauds that the second-hand car market is experiencing.

On a daily basis, Ronan makes us benefit from his wide experience in car distribution but also from his many contacts !

Thanks Ronan!


Bertrand Rakoto

Automotive Analyst - SBD Automotive Assistant Director

Bertrand is an automotive analyst.

He worked at RL Polk (owner of CARFAX bought by IHS) and ran his own research firm in France (D3 intelligence).

Bertrand is now based in the United States where he continues his studies since Detroit.

Bertrand is one of the brightest automotive analysts of his generation. He knows Carfax very well and has made his contribution very early.

He is like us a huge car enthusiast!

Check out his "Car Spots" on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you Bertrand !