Bruno Nédélec


After a career of 14 years in the Renault group from marketing to sales department, Bruno has a very good knowledge of the automotive industry in Europe.

It was during his last experience as Sales Director Europe that Bruno noticed the lack of transparency and traceability on the used car market.

Bruno is the CEO of Certificare.

Christophe Guychard


Christophe is an IT engineer specialized in data modeling, Big Data and Smart Contracts.

Every day, Christophe pulls his hair (he no longer has ...) to cross, enrich and correct the vehicle data of our partners in order to extract synthetic reports for our professional customers.

Christophe is the CTO of Certificare.

Hervé Mériadec


Hervé is actuary. He knows the world of insurance and finance in which he has been practicing for more than 20 years.

Hervé is in charge of the financial management of the company in order to guarantee a long-term development of Certificare. 

Hervé is the CFO of Certificare

Guillaume Caron

Dev Front & Ux

If Certificare’s website is so beautiful ;-) it's thanks to Guillaume !

TYPO3 specialist for several years, Guillaume is integrator and translated on the "front" lines of code written by Christophe.

His whole attention is focused on the user experience. Favorite car: Lotus Elise